Twitter has forged tweets users for advertising - Cell phones

Twitter has forged tweets users for advertising - Cell phonesThe microblogging service Twitter has apologized to users for the "fake" their tweets with the announcement of a promotional product. Apologies were published in the microblog @TwitterAds. In fasting, in consequence of which the scandal, said that the marketing service that synchronizes advertising on Twitter and on TV, became available to all U.S. firms. It cited a screenshot of the statistics of a marketing campaign, where, for example, were visible names and accounts 3 people who praised seen advertisements mentioning a non-existent account @barristabar. 1 mentioned in the post users, Neil Gottlieb (Neil Gottlieb), has prescribed in his microblog that he wanted to know why Twitter decided to use his name and picture in a "fake account". Читать полностью -->

Samsung expands the range of printing equipment A3 - Cell phones

Samsung expands the range of printing equipment A3 - Cell phonesSamsung Electronics, a leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, introduced a new line of high-performance color and monochrome copiers A3 for the corporate sector: Samsung CLX-9252NA/9352NA and SCX-8230NA/8240NA. Both series combine high performance, quality office printing and reliability. "The market for copiers A3 is one of the key for us from the point of view of investment and technology. The new line is one of the most reliable and convenient for use on the corporate market, " said senior Vice President of the IT Solutions division of Samsung Electronics Ju San Yn (Joo Sang Eun). - New models, we were able to implement the most advanced solutions, both hardware and software, which significantly increased the performance of the device. New copiers are equipped with the most modern hardware and software innovation of Samsung Electronics: - Advanced motherboard all-in-one with dual core 1GHz processor, which provides high speed data processing and printing, as well as the low cost of energy consumption; Technology enhancements ReCP and the print resolution up to 600x600x4 bit dpi provide accurate and high-quality prints; - High performance and reliability - up to 150,000 pages per month; - Attractive design, high ergonomics and easy to use thanks to the 8.9" color touch LCD display and intuitive user interface; Solutions for simple administration and management of a single device and a fleet of devices in the infrastructure of the company. Читать полностью -->

Glasses Google Glass has invented the keyboard Cell phones

Glasses Google Glass has invented the keyboard Cell phonesAmerican startup Whirlspace adapted its minimalist Minuum keyboard for smart glasses Google Glass. As can be seen from appearing on the YouTube clip, users have the possibility to choose the desired symbols, slightly turning his head, and confirm the input, touching the touchpad. The developers of Whirlspace already tried to adapt Minuum for contactless controller Leap Motion and smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear, but officially it was released only Android devices. Conceived input method for a Glass from the looks weird, but to some it may seem easier, than to talk with glasses. At the end of the video you can see some of the other concepts: for example, the projected pickup in the hand, or the choice of symbols eye movement.. . Читать полностью -->

HP Slatebook: 14-inch laptop on Android Cell phones

HP Slatebook: 14-inch laptop on Android Cell phonesHewlett-Packard has introduced two laptops: eleven 6-inch chromebook Chromebook PC with Samsung processor and 14-inch model Slatebook at the base Android, which in April "lit up" on the Internet representation of the manufacturer, but was never officially announced. Android laptop (firmware version 4. 3 Jelly Bran) has a "smart phone" stuffing: it is equipped with a chip NVIDIA Tegra 4 (Quad-core, 1, 8 GHz), 2 GB of RAM and a flash drive with a capacity from 16 up to 64 GB. At the same time Slatebook PC that can run any Android application is a full - fledged laptop. The apparatus is completed by a keyboard, speakers, BeatsAudio, HDMI ports, USB 3. 0 and 2 USB 2. Читать полностью -->

Smartphone with two OSes on sale - Cell phones

Smartphone with two OSes on sale - Cell phonesIn Europe started the implementation of the smartphone Revolution, which comes immediately with 2 operating systems - Android and Firefox OS. Fresh release is available in Germany, France, Spain and England. The device has released the Spanish Geeksphone - 1st in Europe, the firm that developed an Android smartphone in 2009. Model Revolution, the manufacturer decided to organize another "revolution", allowing its owners easily switch between platforms, Google and Mozilla, not being afraid not to comply with the terms of the warranty service. Android is considered the most fashionable mobile "OS", however, Firefox OS is relatively unknown. The study of this system leads the firm Mozilla. Читать полностью -->

What determines the future of the media industry - Cell phones

What determines the future of the media industry - Cell phonesUntil recently, the global media industry has remained relatively stable and have a reliable chain of increasing the value of clear business models. Today, the fabric of these well-established business models plagued by many factors. On the market there are new players: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Apple is offering users new ways to access professional video content. Technological standards are flexible and changeable. Regulatory and macroeconomic factors undermine the confidence of consumers and investors. April 6, more than 90 000 representatives of the media and entertainment industry from 150 countries gathered in Las Vegas at the NAB Show, the annual conference of the National Association of TV and radio broadcasting companies of the United States. Читать полностью -->

The Japanese have created a rat-terminator - Cell phones

The Japanese have created a rat-terminator - Cell phonesJapanese researchers have created a mechanical double rat - robot WR-3, to examine how the animals will react to his attacks. One of the tactics of attack - the so-called false attack was dangerous for the psyche rats: they fell into a depression. It is not clear how representative work of Japanese scientists in relation to the person. For obvious reasons, to conduct an experiment in which humanoid terminator will haunt people, and to deprive them of food, most likely, will not work. The study is published in the journal Advanced Robotics, reports "Вести.Ru". In order to clarify the mechanisms of the development of depression, scientists have created a robot WR-3, which was the real "terminator" from the world of rodents. Читать полностью -->

Best budget smartphones - Cell phones

Best budget smartphones - Cell phonesToday it is difficult to choose a good mobile phone among thousand offered on the market models and not make mistakes. After all, you can purchase a very stylish smartphone, but with outdated features, something "powerful", but with factory marriage or no-name phone without warranty. How not to clanger, choosing at the same time the most powerful and most affordable smartphone on Android? To start you need to find out how much you are willing to spend on their own future smartphone. And, on this basis, be Solved by market segment: cheap or expensive smartphones. In addition, I would like to mention that most of the best budget smartphone is not much behind their more expensive competitors. Very often it happens that in technical terms, they are in practice identical, but one Firm makes a substantial premium for the brand. Читать полностью -->

Foursquare has released a separate app for "check-ins" - Cell phones

Foursquare has released a separate app for The creators of the location-based service Foursquare has released a standalone application Swarm to search for friends nearby and "marks" in cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other institutions. The program is available on the iPhone and Android devices. The intention to divide their services into two parts, the Foursquare team wrote a blog post two weeks ago. It was announced that the application Swarm is intended only for "check-ins", and the primary client (will be released later in the summer) - for reviews, tips and finding places in the district with a high rating. So, all geolocation functions Foursquare now gathered in a Swarm. Users are able to check in institutions and to tell your friends about where they are. Читать полностью -->

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